Bouches-du-Rhône: Stacks a Car and a Truck on Another Truck and Takes the Highway

Local News
The convoy was intercepted at the Lançon-de-Provence toll. in Bouches-du-Rhône

This bold highway carrier was arrested in Lançon-de-Provence near Bouches-du-Rhône by the gendarmes

A driver had the astonishing idea of ​​loading a truck and a car on his truck before taking the highway. He was arrested recently at the toll of Laçon-de-Provence by the gendarmes. On their Facebook page, they recount the arrest of this amazing convoy, with this comment: “when the road unconsciousness has no limits. ”

The gendarmes specify that the limit tonnage was not exceeded but that “few precautions” were taken to “secure the load securely. ”

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“Never seen that”

Major Alex Chapigny, who was leading the operation, said that “in six years of highway platoon, [he] had never seen that. To defend himself, the truck driver assured him that he was “driving slowly. ”

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