“Yellow Vests”: What to Expect for the 27th Day of Mobilisation?

General News
Demonstration of "yellow vests" in Toulouse on May 11, 2019.

EVENTS: The yellow vests movement celebrates its six months of existence on Saturday, just one week before the European elections

Despite meager processions of yellow vests in recent weeks, the hard core of “yellow vests” intends to demonstrate Saturday in France for six months of this unprecedented social protest, a week before European elections .

For this act 27, “national calls” were launched to gather in Reims and Nancy after two Saturdays marked by a decline in mobilisation, fallen to its lowest levels since the beginning of the movement on 17 December. In Paris, several competing rallies are planned, including one from the Defense to finish in Montmartre. Another plans to march on the Champs-Elysees but the avenue is, for several weeks, closed to the event.

Unreported manifestation

In front of this scattering of parades and slogans in the capital, Éric Drouet , one of the figures of the movement, called Sunday in a video to “stop the processions theme.” “I do not endorse these steps that are becoming more and more ridiculous,” lambasted the driver. “A lot of people, and I’m part of it, are being disgusted with the movement,” he warned.

Other rallies are planned, for example in Besançon or Saint-Nazaire, where the prefecture has issued a decree prohibiting the undeclared demonstration of “yellow vests” in the city centre. In Lyon, the “yellow vests” decided to demonstrate without declaring themselves.

“Every week, when we declare the event, the prefect promises that everything will be fine, that we will not be gassed and every week, it goes wrong. So we decided not to declare the event and change strategy, to return to the sources, “said AFP Fabrice, a member of the media pole” yellow vests “of the Lyon region. If May 1 broadly gathered unions and “yellow vests”, Act 26 last Saturday had gathered 18,600 protesters in France according to the official count contested by the “yellow vests”, which counted 37,500

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