Yellow Vests: Mobilisation Down Throughout France for Act 26

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The number of Yellow Vests protestors was down for Act 26 in France

The “yellow vests” were 18,600 in the street Saturday 11th May, 2019 according to the Ministry of the Interior, the lowest figure since the beginning of the dispute, six months ago

After nearly six months of protests, the movement of “yellow vests” showed signs of weakening for act 26 on Saturday 11th May, 2019, marked by clashes in Nantes and Lyon , epicentres of the day’s events.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, there were 18,600 protesters in France , including 1,200 in Paris, the lowest mobilisation since the beginning of the movement on November 17. A count disputed by the “yellow vests” which counted about 37,500 demonstrators.

Figures close to those of last Saturday (19 000 according to the authorities, more than 40 000 for the organisers). And much lower than those of May 1 or the mobilization of officials Thursday .

26 arrests in Nantes

In Nantes , where Maxime Nicolle said “Fly Rider” made the move among some 2,200 protesters, the demonstration quickly spread.

Missile shots led to a riposte in particular by LBD shots. A CNews news reporter claims to have been hit in the lower abdomen but he is “fine”, his “abdominal belt having mitigated the shock.” Some 26 protesters were arrested.

Video: Cnews reporter hit by flash-ball 


The police have also released their weapon against a motorist who tried to force a dam. A police investigation was opened.

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24 wounded in Lyon

In Lyon , where there were about 2000 people, mobile gendarmes and CRS were thrown bottles, stones or firecrackers, resulting in many firing of tear gas. Clashes that left 22 wounded on the side of the police, 2 side demonstrators and led to 9 arrests, according to the prefecture.

Elsewhere, the demonstrations were peaceful. In Bordeaux , former stronghold of the movement, the mobilisation continued to decline with 700 “yellow vests”. In Montpellier , they were 1300.

In Nice , where only a hundred “yellow vests” marched in the presence of the singer engaged in the European Francis Lalanne, the MP LR Éric Ciotti was attacked and treated as “collab”, AFP found.

“Both in numbers and motivation, it has nothing to do with the protests of the beginning, it has worked for a while but there is weariness. Also, many people are afraid of police violence, “said Mo, a 32-year-old Bordelais and activist from La France Insoumise.

So is this the beginning of the end of a movement that represents the worst crisis since the arrival of Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee Palace two years ago? And will there be a start for the act 27 where this new movement will celebrate its six months?

An umpteenth act in the ballot box?

“There was a good awakening of consciousness. There are more and more people coming to us who understand that the + yellow vest + is not a political or terrorist ideology and that there are citizens below and that the claims that we bring are claims “wants to believe Jerome Rodrigues, one of the figures of the movement, present in Lyon.

Some propose new ways of action: to start again on the roundabouts (a proposal little realised until now), “to go on the car parks of the beaches this summer”, to make blockages …

Jérôme Rodrigues called him to go to vote in the Europeans in 15 days. “I call to vote, I call especially not to abstain, abstention is to vote Macron, it rhymes. As for the white vote, we avoid, and especially I register in an anti-Macron vote, “he explained, without being more specific about the ballot that he will slip.

One thing is certain, it will not be a voice for the “yellow vests” list led by Francis Lalanne, whom he accuses of “recovery” at his expense. Moreover, the polls give very low voting intentions to lists claiming the movement.

In Lille, Julien, a 28-year-old specialised educator, says he is “sick of current politics” and calls for “more social justice and the introduction of Ric”.

“We’re just asking that he (E. Macron) listen a little bit to what’s going on underneath, make a gesture, but there’s even less illusions since the big debate and its false announcements,” concludes Frédéric Boher, retired from the civil service and “Vest yellow” auvergnat of the first hour, came to Lyon.

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