Russia: The Cheerleading Performance of the St. Petersburg Basketball Club Shocks the Crowd

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In Russia, the St Petersburg Cheerleading group, shock the crowd

RUSSIA: High heels, underwear and striptease elements of the cheerleading team have not been to everyone’s taste

The very daring of cheerleaders show in the preamble to the second game of the finals of the Championship Russia of basketball between Spartak St. Petersburg and Samara on Sunday, shocked many viewers and provoked strong reactions in the press.

“It’s not the victory of Samara that we will remember, but especially the performance of cheerleaders Spartak (St. Petersburg),” writes the daily Soviet Sport . “The organizers should bear in mind that children also come to watch the matches,” the paper adds.

“They should have mentioned” forbidden for under 18’s “”

A troupe of eight cheerleaders in high heels, some in underwear, performed a number containing elements of striptease, causing indignation and reactions of many viewers on social networks.

“They should have mentioned” forbidden for under 18’s “for this match,” said one of the spectators. Spartak St. Petersburg executive director Yury Obvalov, for his part, refused to recognize the show’s erotic character, describing it in the press as “elegant, choreographic performance”. Samara incidentally won this match on the floor of Spartak St. Petersburg 66-59, and leads 2 wins to 0 in this final, played in the best of five games.

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