Are you Going for a Walk in the Forest? Above all, Do Not Let Go of Your Dog!

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In spring, it is possible to walk with his dog in the forest but it must be held on a leash. (© Illustration / Adobe Stock)

The National Forestry Office reminds that it is mandatory to keep dogs on leash until early summer, if you are walking in a forest, otherwise endangering the local fauna. Explanations.

Walk his dog in the forest : yes it is possible but under certain conditions . And even more in the spring, from April 15 to June 30 of each year.

A ministerial decree requires the owners to keep their animals on a leash outside the forest paths. In case of non-compliance, “the offender is liable to a fine of up to 750 euros, ” says the National Forest Office on its website.

Why these provisions? “To protect animals in the forest,” says the NFB, which is renewing the “Keep our animals under control”campaign  :

“The forest is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including many species on the red list of protected species in France. To respect their tranquility is to ensure their survival, their reproduction and the balance of forest ecosystems. “

Coup de com ‘but especially sword in the water, regrets with Mickaël Ricordel, environment project manager at the NFB Pays de la Loire: “Things are changing slowly, the message must be hammered and say again. There are people who are aware of the regulations but do not respect them. ”

In Vendée, wild rabbits threatened

The challenge is important. Spring coincides with the beginning of the birthing of mammals and the nesting of birds. “With an extremely sharp flair, dogs could easily spot newborns in the forest and nesting birds in open spaces,” reports the NFB in its statement. By their mere presence, they could disturb and stress particularly sensitive forest animals during this period and thus jeopardize their breeding. ”

In the Vendée, three weeks ago, “corpses of rabbits have been discovered disemboweled in the dunes in the forest of the Pays-de-Monts”, reports Mickaël Ricordel.

Never more than 100 meters away the rest of the year

In the mountains, dogs can also do damage. The “patous”, which provide protection for the herds, could consider pet dogs a threat. As elsewhere, it is essential to keep them on a leash.

The rest of the year, dogs must imperatively remain under the supervision of their master and not to move more than 100 meters.

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