Snow, Hail and Ice, Gendarmes Call for Vigilance in Côtes d Armor

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Snow, Rain and hail are forecast for the Côtes d'Armor

Cold and snow showers or hail make the traffic conditions difficult Thursday 4th April and it should still be the case for two days.

It has been cold these last few nights in Brittany and it is not finished. The rain sometimes turns into snow, mixed snow or hail , making traffic conditions difficult , especially in Côtes d’Armor Thursday 4th April, 2019.

The evenings and the mornings are particularly cold since a few days.

Snow showers on Wednesday morning in northern Finistère and southern Côtes d’Armor and hail in the evening sometimes caused some road trips.

Slippery roads

The gendarmes of Côtes d’Armor issued a warning to vigilance on the Facebook page .

“Caution on the roads at nightfall! Snow and hail reduce visibility and make the roadway slippery. ”

Proof in support, the gendarmes posted a photo where we see the snow crashing on the windshield of their vehicle.

Snow, hail and rains make the roads slippery in the Côtes d'Armor
Snow, hail and rains made the roads slippery Wednesday, April 3 in Côtes d’Armor. (© Gendarmerie of the Côtes d’Armor)

The gendarmes have also had to go several times to accidents caused by a speed unsuited to traffic conditions.

“Surprised by the weather conditions, this motorist was the victim of a road trip without gravity fortunately. So be careful, the roads may be slippery in the coming days. Remember to adjust your speed! ”

The gendarmes of Côtes d'Armor issued a warning to vigilance on their Facebook page.
The gendarmes of Côtes d’Armor issued a warning to vigilance on their Facebook page. (© Gendarmerie of the Côtes d’Armor)Lou

Still cold

For the next few days, Météo Bretagne is on the alert and still anticipates, here and there, flurries of snow or mixed snow, Friday 4th April  in the early morning.

As for temperatures, we still expect 0 degrees in Loudéac, 1 degrees in Dinan and 2 to 3 degrees for coastal areas such as Lannion, Paimpol or Saint-Brieuc.

Saturday morning, it will still be very cold but the weather should gradually improve the following days.

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