Fire of Notre-Dame de Paris: Emmanuel Macron Wants to Rebuild the Cathedral in Five Years

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Emmanuel Macron spoke on television Tuesday, April 16, 2019 about the fire of Notre-Dame de Paris.

In a solemn address to the nation Tuesday night, the head of state announced his intention to rebuild Notre-Dame de Paris in five years.

The day after. Nearly 24 hours after the fire that devastated part of Notre-Dame Cathedral , Emmanuel Macron solemnly addressed the nation Tuesday, April 16, 2019.

“The fire of Notre-Dame de Paris has deeply affected in their minds, in their hearts, the Parisians, the French and the world,” said the head of state with emotion.

He paid tribute to all those who mobilised to save the building, firefighters on the front line, but also the many donors . “Everyone gave what he could. The president emphasised the importance of the unity of the nation in the face of the disaster:

“The fire of Notre-Dame reminds us that our story never stops. Never. And that we will always have challenges to overcome.”

Rebuilt “in five years”

Above all, the President of the Republic announced that he wanted the cathedral, partly ravaged by the flames, to be rebuilt “within five years” , and “more beautiful”. “We are a people of builders,” he continued.

The speech, which lasted only a few minutes, did not address the measures that had to announce Emmanuel Macron Monday evening as a summary of the great debate. He had postponed his speech to go to the scene of the tragedy .

“I will come back to you as I have been engaged in the coming days, so that we can act on our great debate. But the moment has not come yet, “said the head of state, without specifying the date on which he would express himself on these measures which have already largely leaked in the media .

Wednesday, the Council of Ministers will be entirely devoted to the fire of the cathedral.

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