Auto test: Mini Updates the Clubman

The new Mini Clubman features a redesigned grille that extends over almost the entire bumper.

The new Mini Clubman sports a design that affirms its individualism in the premium compact segment …

The most striking feature of the new Mini Clubman is its redesigned grille, which now extends over the entire bumper. It is lined with a thin rim machined from one piece. The air intake is split by six black horizontal rods, which are optionally available in chrome version.

The Cooper S Clubman and Cooper SD Clubman models are distinguished by the honeycomb design of the grille, the chrome rod on the air intake and the chrome emblem on the front grille. a red “S”.

More elaborate equipment

Other new features include the standard “Union Jack” LED taillights, the Mini Connected with new features, the rim design, the optional dot-matrix LED headlamps, the LED fog lamps with ring standard daytime running lights, additional body colors, more upscale leather upholstery, and the 10mm Low Profile Sport suspension. Finally, the new Mini Clubman offers more possibilities of customization.

A small original and sporty break

The modularity of the Mini Clubman's luggage compartment, located behind the "Split Doors", offers a good use of space.
The modularity of the Mini Clubman’s luggage compartment, located behind the “Split Doors”, offers a good use of space. (© Mini)

Driving comfort and space characterize the versatility of the new Clubman, which, with a modern interpretation of the station wagon, displays a unique style in the compact segment. The four side doors, the five seats and the modularity of the luggage compartment behind the “Split Doors” offer great functionality and use of space.

Three gasoline engines and three diesel engines with powers ranging from 102 hp to 192 hp are offered. The most powerful can be combined with ALL4 AWD.

Coming up a new version of the very sporty John Cooper Works Clubman.

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