Attacks in Sri Lanka: No French Among the Victims

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Attacks in Sri Lanka, no French among the victims

The Sri Lanka authorities, who had announced the death of a Frenchman among the victims of the expectations, acknowledged “an error” of nationality.

In the aftermath of the deadly attacks that killed more than 320 people and wounded 500 others  on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka , local authorities announced the deaths of 31 foreign nationals . They announced the death of a Frenchman. This Tuesday 23rd April, 2019, they recognised a “mistake” of nationality.

This coordinated wave of kamikaze attacks targeted luxury hotels and churches filled with Christians on the occasion of Easter Sunday.

In France, where the spokesman of Foreign Ministry “condemned” Sunday “in the strongest terms the appalling attacks perpetrated against churches where Sunday was celebrated Easter Mass as well as several hotels in Colombo,” two lines telephone numbers have been made available, one for travelers departing from France (01 43 17 51 00), and the other for those who are in Sri Lanka 00 94 11 26 39 442.

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