Yellow Vests: 40,500 Protesters in France

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"Yellow vests" place Denfert Rochereau in Paris on March 23, 2019.

40,500 people demonstrated Saturday 23rd March, 2019 for act 19 of “yellow vests” in France. According to the government, the instructions of firmness have helped maintain order.

About 40,500 people , including 5,000 in Paris, demonstrated Saturday, March 23, 2019 for Act 19 “yellow vests” in France, where the “instructions firmness” data “have helped maintain order and avoid overflowing, “said Interior Minister Christophe Castaner .

Last Saturday, according to the same source, they were 32,000 throughout the country, including 10,000 in Paris where Act 18 of the social protest movement had given rise to scenes of rampage on the Champs-Elysees, causing a drastic reinforcement of the safety device.

As for the “yellow vests”, which established their own counting mode and challenged that of the authorities, there were 127,212 demonstrators throughout the country.

“Today, the republican order has been maintained,” welcomed the Minister of the Interior during a statement on the Place Beauvau. He noted that 233 arrests had taken place throughout France, 172 were taken into custody and 107 people were verbally reported for attempting to take part in prohibited gatherings.

“The correct instructions have been applied and the results are there: all the demonstrations declared, in Paris as in the region, were able to take place globally in the peace and the attempts of violence and looting could be prevented, prevented, stopped”

Who are the people arrested?

“Throughout France, many people were arrested even as they tried to reach Paris with baseball bats, projectiles, gas masks and the will to break”

Many prohibited manifestations

After the sackings last Saturday and the dismissal of the police chief, the police system was reviewed and reinforced in Paris and protests were banned key perimeters in several cities, such as the Champs-Elysees in Paris or Capitol Square In Toulouse.

Across the country, 65,000 police and gendarmes were mobilised, as well as 30,000 firefighters. In Paris, “8545 preventive controls were carried out,” said the minister. According to the Prefecture of Police, 96 people were arrested and 53 verbatim.

In Nice or Bordeaux too, “people who tried to defy the prohibition of demonstrations have been arrested and sanctioned,” he continued, raising “80 arrests” in Nice.

Noting that the authorised demonstrations had proceeded smoothly, he concluded that it was “a new proof that the problem is not the manifestation but the rioters and their accomplices”.

The minister also had “a special thought” for a police officer who suffered a serious cardiac malaise place of the Republic in Paris and for a “protester wounded this morning in Nice.”

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