Toulouse: The Professionals of the Early Childhood on Strike, Nurseries Disturbed

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Distruption in Nursezries in Toulouse due to Strike Action

Thursday 28th March, 2019, a national strike movement of professionals in early childhood touches the crèches of Toulouse, against a reform of the Government. The details.

The Essoc law (State in the service of a society of trust) does not go through the careers of early childhood . This law, which among other things introduced the principle of the right to make mistakes in administrative declarations, provides for a simplification of the administrative procedures. And in particular with Article 50 which provides:

“The Government is authorized to take by […] any measure within the scope of the law to facilitate the establishment, development and maintenance of childcare.”

Mobilization place Saint-Etienne in Toulouse

A national strike is being conducted on Thursday 28th March, 2019 , in Toulouse and several cities in France. In the Pink City, a gathering of professionals from early childhood is organized at 10 o’clock place Saint-Etienne . A static mobilisation that should cause many disturbances in the nurseries of the city and the agglomeration. 

“Concerns about the qualification of future professionals”

Professionals want to voice their dissatisfaction with the various measures on which the Government is working, motivated by “the finding that there is a lack of places to welcome and a lack of qualified and qualified professionals in this sector,” says Julie Marty Pichon, delegate in Toulouse of the collective Pas de bébé to the instructions , at the origin of the movement.

A problem that denounce “for years” industry professionals and unions but brings … a new problem in their eyes. Indeed, “there are concerns about the qualification of future professionals,” she says, because future people declared suitable for the reception of young children would not need to be as qualified as current staff.

Reception conditions in question

The Government also plans to increase the rate of supervision , ie the maximum number of children per adult. Currently, he is a supervisor for five children who do not walk and a supervisor for eight children who walk. It could be raised to a supervisor for six to seven children, whether they walk or not. 

The children ‘s reception area could also be questioned . Currently, the minimum must be 7m2 per child. In the proposals of the ordinances to reform the sector, it would be lowered or increased … according to the pressure of land of the municipality. In other words, in big cities, the surface per child could go up to 5.5m2, but increase up to 10m2 in rural areas. 

Kindergarten attendees are also concerned by this possible overhaul of early childhood. Today, eligible to receive up to four children at the same time, they could see their workload increase to six children.

At the concertation stage

However, nothing is recorded yet. Only consultations are conducted at the Ministry of Solidarity and Health by the Directorate General of Social Cohesion (DGCS) between professionals and government, represented by Christelle Dubos, Secretary of State, on the change of regulatory framework of reception structures and childminders.

But “the proposals submitted to debate have prompted us to alert now,” said Julie Marty Pichon.

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