The Brest Rap Group, Frère X 34, Will Release their First Album

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The Brest rap group, Frère X 34, has launched crowdfunding for his first album project (© Melina Jaouen).

The Brest rap group, Frère X 34 intends to release his first album in the coming months. Crowdfunding has been launched.

It’s a crazy bet. In February 2019, the members of Brest’s rap group , Frère X 34 , took the pens. The goal: to make an albumin three months, composed in the ideal of 12 tracks, with titles exclusively unpublished and which will be recorded “at home”. The ambition is for the baby to arrive on May 16th, the day of their next concert at Run ar Puñs in Châteaulin .

To achieve his ends, Frère X 34 has also launched a crowdfunding platform on Ulule , hoping to harvest by 1st April 2019, 2000 – 4000 Euros for the project. Entitled  XXXIV , this album will be simply the first of the group, after a EP, Rhythm and positive , released in 2014.

Since 2007

Yet Frère X 34 is far from being a novice on the rap scene. Simply, its members have always preferred the scene. The adventure actually started in 2007 for Johan Bergot, Jo, and Mathieu Horvath, aka Matt. The latter says:

“We have been writing for a very long time. We have been writing songs for two a very long time. We did freestyles. We said to ourselves “as well to mount a group”.”

The name of Frère is needed very quickly for the two men who know each other since childhood. In 2016, two, the group goes to four. Gaël Paroumanou, Tonton Ja, who was until then the graphic designer, integrates the musical side, becoming DJ, guitarist, pianist. Mathieu Horvath jokes:

“He had seven or eight guitars at home. There was talent, so much to enjoy!”

The three Brestois are also joined by the Big Ben beatmaker :

“He comes from metal, he has a big musical culture. He brought us a lot.”

Cry of the heart

No way to move away from rap DNA and influences from the old school: IAM , NTM , Sniper … And what will be found in the album XXXIV   ? A little idea with Johan Bergot:

“A text is like a cry from the heart. What affects me are the wars, the bombarded schools. We talk about the news. We are in the concrete, the real life. We can shock by telling what’s going on or giving a message of peace.”

Mathieu Horvath does not define himself as a committed singer:

“We do not have the shoulders to wear an association. But we try to awaken certain consciences with our texts.”

What future ?

Texts they want to defend before the public. Focusing on this project, no date, except that of May 16, 2019, in Châteaulin, is currently on the agenda. But no doubt their fans will soon be able to find them. And why not one day at Olympia , the dream room of Johan Bergot:

“All the big ones have gone there. See Frère X in red letters, that would be the best.”

Practical information:
Crowdfunding until April 1st on

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