Near Châteaubriant: Farmers Stop a Rave Party

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Near Châteaubriant, farmers stop a rave party

On the night of Saturday 23 to Sunday, March 24, between 1000 and 1500 ravers on a field at Grand-Auverné, south of Châteaubriant. Fifteen farmers with their tractors and manure tillers stopped the party.

On the night of Saturday to Sunday, 24th March, at the height of the rally, they had to be 1,000 to 1,500 revellers to participate in an undeclared rave party on a private field of Grand-Auverné, south of Châteaubriant. Around midnight, awakened by the music, the owner of the land came to ask the ravers to leave the place: without success after some exchanges words.

A weapon of persuasion: slurry

The owner returned to the scene with the reinforcement of fifteen farmers, all arrived on site with their tractors and a weapon of persuasion: their slurry tankers. Under the threat of pouring their contents, the party-goers stopped the music around 2.30am. The gendarmes, dispatched to the site, played the role of moderators.

In the early morning, there were still a few hundred ravagers, strongly invited by the police to “remove from the spot” and take their vehicles. The gendarmes are present on the axes that lead to the place of the party, in particular to carry out checks of alcoholism and screenings of narcotics.

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