Le Havre: Man Arrested for Harassing His Ex and Sends Her 1,600 Text Messages in Two Days

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Man arrested in Le Havre for harassing his ex girlfriend

Monday 31st December, 2018, a man was arrested in Le Havre (Seine-Maritime) after being threatened with his former girlfriend. He was admitted to hospital.

Monday 31st December, 2018, a man was arrested in Le Havre (Seine-Maritime) at the home of his former girlfriend. Judged dangerous, he was admitted to hospital.

More than 1000 text messages in just two days

This was not the first time the victim had called the police. On several occasions, the young woman alerted the security forces following the intrusion of her former boyfriend at home.

She had already filed several complaints about her. The man had damaged the door of her home. In previous days, he had even harassed her with messages, even sending her 1,600 text messages in just two days.

He insults the police and bangs his head against the walls

On the spot, the intervention of the police is complicated. The man struggles, insulting the police who discover he is carrying a knife.

Heard by the investigators, he must be handcuffed and helmeted after banging his head against the walls. After a psychiatric assessment, he will eventually be admitted to hospital.

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