Brittany: An Earthquake Recorded off Belle-Île-en-Mer

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An earthquake of magnitude 3.9 was recorded in Brittany during the night from Friday to Saturday, off Belle-Île-en-Mer.

An earthquake of magnitude 3.9 was recorded in the night from Friday to Saturday off Belle-Ile-en-Mer (Morbihan). It was felt until Saint-Nazaire.

The earth trembled again in Brittany . An earthquake of magnitude 3.9  on the Richter scale was recorded in the night from Friday to Saturday. It was located by the National Seismic Surveillance Network between Belle-Ile-en-MerGroix and Quiberon (Morbihan) and perceived until Saint-Nazaire (Loire-Atlantique) .

“Growl”, “explosion”

According to information from the National Seismic Monitoring Network, the epicenter of the earthquake is located 5 kilometers deep, at sea, less than 20 kilometres from the peninsula of Quiberon. It happened at 1:05, in the night.

On its website, the French seismological central office posted several testimonials.

In Bangor, on Belle-Ile, people evoke a “roar”, while in Quiberon, a resident shows a noise resembling “an explosion that lasts for several seconds.”

An earthquake felt as far as Saint-Nazaire, where an inhabitant speaks of “a wall of the floor that trembled”, waking up his cats.

Already in September 2018, a previous earthquake had been recorded off Belle-Île . Regularly, small earthquakes occur in Brittany and Loire-Atlantique.

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