Unemployment Rate Remains Stable in the Third Trimester at 9.1%

Unemployment remains stable in France at 9.1 percent

EMPLOYMENT: Over one year, the unemployment rate measured by INSEE is down 0.5 points and returns to its level in early 2011 

The figure is stable. France had 2.73 million unemployed in the third quarter of 2018, according to provisional data published by INSEE on Tuesday. The unemployment rate thus remains constant at 9.1% of the active population in France (excluding Mayotte).

Over one year, the unemployment rate measured by the National Institute of Statistics according to the standards of the International Labor Office (ILO) is down 0.5 point , and returns to its level of early 2011. In metropolitan France, rate stands at 8.8%. Metropolitan France has 2.6 million unemployed, or 22,000 more unemployed. The second quarter figure was revised 0.1 point from 8.7% to 8.8%.

A figure higher than INSEE forecasts

The indicator therefore remains above the floor reached in the fourth quarter of 2017 at 8.9% (whole France). In its note of conjuncture published in October, INSEE expected a decline in the unemployment rate in the third and fourth quarters to reach 8.9% by the end of the year.

The youth unemployment rate still remains above 20% to 21.3% for the whole of France and 20.6% for metropolitan France. Note that the unemployment rate for men aged 15-24 is up 1 point. The unemployment rate for those aged 50 and over is 6.4% (whole France), and is down 0.1 points, while it is almost stable for 25-49 year olds.

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