Air Traffic: Ryanair Cabin Crew in Spain Calls for Strike Action in January

Call for strike action at Ryanair in Spain in January

MOBILISATION: Spain is the third largest market of Ryanair with 13 of its 89 bases …

The call to strike is launched. Unions representing the 1,800 cabin crew members in Ryanair Spain threatened Friday a strike in January if the low-cost Irish airline would not agree to improve their working and pay conditions.

The unions USO and Sitcpla, which claimed that employment contracts in Spain were concluded under local and not Irish law , called for 24-hour work stoppages on the 8th, 10th and 13th January because of the failure of a mediation between them and Ryanair. It is “disgusting” that Ryanair “continues to refuse to accept the national law with all its consequences,” said in a statement Jairo Gonzalo, USO.

Disturbances in view

In July, work stoppages of pilots and cabin crew caused disruption to 600 flights in Belgium, Ireland and Italy as well as to Portugal and Spain, affecting a total of 100,000 passengers. On 28th September, cabin crew disengaged in Germany, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain, with pilots doing the same in some countries.

The Irish company has so far managed to conclude labor agreements with staff in several countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal and Italy .

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