Why Downtown Toulouse was Hit by a Giant Blackout, Sunday Noon

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A giant power outage has affected 65,000 customers, in Toulouse, Sunday, October 28, 2018.

Sunday 28th October, 2018, at 12.19pm, a giant power cut occurred in downtown Toulouse. 65,000 customers were deprived of electricity! The details.

The incident happened at exactly 12:19 pm A transformer station located at the top of aisles Jean-Jaurès , in downtown Toulouse, suddenly stopped working, Sunday, October 28, 2018.

65,000 private customers

The failure of the 225,000-volt transformer caused a giant power cut that affected 65,000 customers , says Enedis at Actu Toulouse, within a radius of two kilometers around the Jean-Jaurès district . A power cut that affected the hyper-center of Toulouse but also neighbourhoods Bonnefoy, Matabiau, Jolimont, Guilhemery or Croix-Daurade.

The network quickly restarted

If the origin of the transformer failure (owned by RTE) has not yet been identified, Enedis intervened as soon as possible by maneuvering on the power grid. At 12:30 pm, 17,000 customers were still without electricity , then only 1,000 to 13 hours . “The incident is now over,” said Enedis.

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