All Saints’ Holidays: Are You Taking to the Road this Weekend? Will it be Fluid

General News
The traffic will be fluid for the first weekend of the holiday of All Saints' Day

This Friday 19th October is the start of the holidays of All Saints and you normally take the risk of traffic if you take the road. Good news, it will be rather fluid.

It’s the return of holidays! Those of All Saints begin this Friday 19th October and will end on Sunday 4th November, for all zones. Planning to take the road? Good news, it will be rather fluid! With the exception of a few traffic delays in Ile-de-France, Friday, the weekend will be green for everyone.

Bison Smart however recommends not to leave the big cities between 4pm and 8pm, and Paris between 3pm and 9pmSaturday and Sunday, it will be cleared on the roads. 

Prevention campaign for the safety of road agents

The authorities take advantage of this holiday departure to recall the prevention campaign on the safety of road agents launched Monday, October 15. They require users (drivers and truck drivers) to change their behavior in order to ensure the lives of those who work daily on the roads.

“There are 120 wounded and three killed among road officers in the last four years. In most accidents, the most important factor is the inattention of users. ”

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