Tiger Mosquito: Natural Repellents

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Natural repellents for the Tiger Mosquito

The tiger mosquito is spreading across France and can be recognized by its black and white streaked body. It can be eradicated by simple measures and natural repellents.

The tiger mosquito, which is spreading throughout France, can be recognized by its black and white streaked body. Its sting is painless but can be a vector of diseases (chikungunya, dengue). It breeds near stagnant water points but can be eradicated by simple measures and natural repellents.

Avoid stagnant water points to fight the tiger mosquito

As the tiger mosquito lays only beside stagnant water, the most urgent is to eliminate any stagnant water spot to prevent its proliferation. Containers containing water (buckets, toys, flowerpots, cups, etc.) must be turned over, puddles formed after raining or watering, but also standing water from the gutters, or watered the foot of the plants and not their foliage. In case of pond or pond, consider putting fish so that they eat the tiger mosquito larvae.

Mosquito spirals based on essential oils and plants: a natural repellent

To escape the tiger mosquito, there are mosquito spirals based on essential oils and plants, as well as sticks. They come in the form of an incense. When they burn, the scent of citronella, geranium, lavender, lemon and camphor removes the tiger mosquito.

A fan against the tiger mosquito

The tiger mosquito does not like the wind. Also, it is recommended to install a powerful fan in the room in which you are, preferably on the floor at the level of the ankles and the legs, in order to keep the mosquitoes at a distance.

Lemon eucalyptus essential oil against tiger mosquito

Lemon eucalyptus essential oil is an effective natural repellent against the tiger mosquito. Attention, it is not suitable for pregnant and lactating women or children under 6 years. It is used in a diffuser of essential oils (15 drops), or mixed with the shower gel or with the moisturizing cream for the body.

Plants that smell like tiger mosquitoes

Some plants, with a scent pleasant for the man, turn out to have a repulsive smell for mosquitoes. It is therefore good to have close to oneself. These are geranium, lavender, basil, lemongrass and carnations.

A grandmother’s trick as a natural mosquito repellent

There is a natural self-made repellent with an empty plastic bottle, sugar, yeast and water. We must boil 50 grams of sugar with 20 centilitres of water and pour the mixture into the bottle cut in half. Add, without mixing, 1 gram of baker’s yeast. Turn the top of the bottle over the bottom to make a funnel. Wrap the black paper set: the mosquito trap is ready! It must be placed in the room where you want to eradicate mosquitoes.

By applying these tips, as well as installing a mosquito net over the bed or windows, you will avoid tiger mosquito bites.

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