Francois Hollande Promises that the “Jungle” at Calais will not Return

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Francois Hollande promises that the Jungle of Calais will not return

MIGRANTS: Francois Hollande also welcomes the success of dismantling …

He has promised that the camps would no longer be tolerated . François Hollande “ensures that there will be no resettlement” of migrants in the “Jungle” in Calais, now razed to the ground, in an interview published Tuesday in the regional daily La Voix du Nord .

“I express my support and my solidarity to the people of Calais who have borne for too long a particularly tense situation. I assure them that there will be no relocation on the moor. It is discharged. It will be secure. Nobody can join, “said the president in this interview.

A successful dismantling

Hollande also welcomes  the successful dismantling, “an operation that was conducted in a humane and dignified manner, but effective and firm.” “Since the month of October 2015 are 13,000 migrants who have been referred from Calais to reception centers”, counting those, “more than 5,000”, who were evacuated from Monday to Wednesday, souligne- he said.

Regarding unaccompanied minors, the Head of State confirmed that they “will be accompanied in dedicated centers, where British officials will review their cases” and that “those who would not go (to the UK) will be taken supported by the services of social assistance to children throughout the territory. ”

“There should not be any foreign minors in Calais”

“We wanted this new burden is not imposed on departments and it is therefore the State financially assume this home,” he announced.

According to François Hollande, “in the coming days, it should not be any foreign minors in Calais.” “It is logical that the United Kingdom pays its share of the effort for the minors who say they have family ties with Britain, but also for those whose interest is higher, as required by British law”, he reaffirmed.

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