Villeneuve d’Ascq: With a New Game, Koezio Becomes the Biggest Escape Game in the World

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Test a new mission at Koezio in Villeneuve d'Ascq (Nord), with "Out of Control"

Koezio launches in September 2018 a new mission: “Out of control”. A game that transforms the complex of Villeneuve d’Ascq (Nord) into the biggest escape game in the world!

This is unprecedented : the Koezio of Villeneuve d’Ascq (Nord) launches a new game , for the start of September 2018!  With “out of control” , the northern establishment becomes the largest escape game in the world . You can already book your niche!

Revolutionize the mission game

Koezio (formerly In-Quest) has already revolutionised the game world with its traditional secret agent training mission. In addition to this one, a new one, called “Out of control”, for this return.

“The escape game is completely revolutionised with this new mission,” explains Bertrand Delgrange, founder of Koezio. “We designed it entirely, from A to Z.”

Participants will find the classics of the escape game (search for clues, solving puzzles to get out of a room …), but also the exploration of very different areas, passages in games rooms, and other fun activities, accessible to all. Time is also limited, but at 90 minutes, not 60.

Bertrand Delgrange summarises:

“It is less physical than the classic “elite agent” mission, and it is suitable for the youngest, who, if they do not understand everything, can always have a good time. Basically, it’s a giant escape game, but more fun!”

Stop the evil Dr. Ego

The new mission is as follows:

“Dr. Ego took control of the Koezio Special Agent Training Center. Your mission: You have 90 minutes to find him and prevent him from realizing his Machiavellian plan!”

Faced with Dr. Ego, evil evil genius, it is to make the good triumph through a series of unprecedented tests in a spectacular setting. The teams – composed of 2 to 5 people – go through 15 different pieces where team spirit, daring and reflection are put to the test.

This new adventure is distinguished by “a highly immersive scenario, very fun and varied challenges, augmented reality, special effects, and a great finale …” according to the details of the structure. Quiet ! It’s time for us to stop giving clues!

3000 m2 of playing surface

The escape game launched by the Koezio would be, to date, the largest in the world, according to the structure. In all, there are 15 rooms on 3,000 m2 of playground, and a portion in height (12 meters: no panic, it is reserved for the more adventurous).

“We did some research to find out if there was an escape game of this magnitude in the world, and we did not find it! Bertrand Delgrange explains”.

A pride for the Koezio, who already admits to thinking of developing the concept in its various brands, in Paris and Brussels (Belgium).

And the founder of the sign concludes:

“For some purists, this is not an escape game. We wanted to do something more complete, accessible to all. We do not want to copy others, but to be precursors, and different!”

It remains to be seen what this gives on the ground. In any case, on paper, the idea has something to seduce!

Practical information: 
Koezio of Villeneuve d’Ascq, 31 Rue Alfred de Musset (in front of the Decathlon Campus).
To find out more or reserve your seats for the new mission (open to participants measuring a minimum of 1.30m), visit the Koezio official website.

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