Culture: A Comeback under the Sign of Love, at the Louvre Lens Museum

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In addition to the works permanently exhibited in the Gallery of the Louvre Lens Museum, concerts and animations will be on offer until January 2018.

The Louvre Lens Museum (Pas-de-Calais) will begin its new cultural season, mid-September 2018. The first part of the year will be under the sign of love …

This is a new formula that is presented by the Louvre Lens museum (Pas-de-Calais) for this cultural season : a 2018-2019 season divided into two major highlights (from September 2018 to January 2019 and from late January to June 2019) which is divided into two major themes. From mid-September , it will be the theme of love that will be put forward. Temporary exhibition, concerts, shows, conferences and other animations will revolve around this chosen theme.

All artistic forms

Marie Lavandier, director of Louvre Lens, explains the choice of this brochure which is divided in two parts:

“This new format allows us to offer a more detailed program”. 

A detail that fits perfectly with the structure’s desire to cross the arts:

“We are very attached to the fact that all artistic forms can be displayed in museum spaces. “

Bringing together famous paintings and sculptures with contemporary and lively arts does not scare the teams, who have a half-season full of surprises.

Universal themes

“In these new thematic exhibitions, we will choose universal themes. The idea is to start from this theme, and to sweep the entire history of art, “says the director of the museum.

“And what better example than love? She continues.

“This is a beautiful subject, which concerns everyone. Love is a feeling that changes the lives of everyone, and this exhibition will help to understand that we did not like each other in Antiquity as we love each other today. “

The flagship work of “Amour” will be Le Verrou de Fragonard, “one of the summits of 18th century painting, libertine and very striking visually” according to Bruno Cappelle, director of communication, development and marketing. events for the Louvre Lens.

There will be paintings presented, certainly, but also sculptures, writings and contemporary works around worship, passion, gallantry, romance, etc.

Four highlights

Virginie Labroche, cultural programmer for the museum, presents an eclectic half-cultural season. “We propose cycles, around four highlights,” she says:

  • first, “the love letters” (4-7 October),
  • then “pleasure and seduction” (November 8-18),
  • “Desire and dance” (November 25-December 2),
  • and finally “virility and gallantry” (January 11/15).

Guests will be invited for theater performances, artistic performances, and conferences and workshops to “offer a sensitive path” to visitors, in the words of Virginie Labroche.

In all, will be proposed 8 concerts, 7 broadcasts of films, 7 conferences, 5 theatrical shows, 3 of dance , an exit at the Opera of Lille, animations for the youngest and other events. Another highlight: the end of season ball, which meets with each edition “a real success! “.

The “heart stroke” at two

For this exhibition under the sign of love, a “journey for two” will be proposed, to discover the works with his half. Such as the gallant walks of yesteryear in the French gardens, visitors will be able to lend themselves to the games of strolling and the first fruits of love …

Practical information:
“Amour”, gallery of temporary exhibitions, from September 26, 2018 to January 21, 2019, Louvre Lens, 99, rue Paul Bert, 62 300 Lens. To learn more about the events organized around the exhibition, visit the Louvre Lens official website .

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