Ice: Accidents on the Western Routes, Especially in the Cotes d’Armor

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Ice on the Western roads of France and the Cotes d'Armor

Prudence this Thursday morning on the roads of some departments of the west, where the roads are slippery

Prudence this Thursday morning on the roads of some departments of the west, where the roads are slippery. Firefighters counted six accidents in the Cotes d’Armor, but no serious injuries. In the Maine-et-Loire, property accidents have also occurred. The road is slippery especially in central Finistere, Sud-Manche, in Mayenne, in the north of Ille-et-Vilaine, Calvados.

The roads are slippery in places in several western departments Thursday morning.

On the night of Wednesday to Thursday, the Côtes d’Armor firemen intervened to 6 accidents “climatic conditions” . Each time, only one vehicle is involved. These accidents have sometimes minor injuries, transported to the emergency report. “It’s very slippery” , said the county fire service and emergency Côtes d’Armor. Several accidents have particular products near Guingamp Plouagat in Saint-Agathon and Merzer.

In the Maine-et-Loire, several accidents related to the weather were also recorded. A car has ended up on the roof. These accidents mostly caused property damage.

Hail in Calvados

According to firefighters or policemen, ice is also reported in the center of Finistère and the South Manche, in the areas of Mortain and Saint-Hilaire-du-Harcouët, north of Ille-et Vilaine or in Mayenne.

In Calvados, slippery in places, mainly in the Plaine de Caen in Normandy and Auge. On the night of Wednesday to Thursday, hailstorms were frequent, they are just as Thursday morning.

After the passage of the storm Bruno, prudence remains of setting roads Thursday morning.

Temperatures around 0 ° C Thursday morning

Side weather, rainy weather Thursday will be mostly cloudy and on throughout France, with the exception of Corsica passed in orange vigilance winds Wednesday afternoon, according to forecasts from Météo France.

The Southwest and the eastern side of the country will host small showers. On the north, the Ardennes, Lorraine and Alsace in the Franche-Comté and the Northern Alps, it will be light snow. Light rains will cover Brittany to Poitou-Charentes and south of the Garonne.

Normandy and north of the Seine at the Center, the light morning frost will be followed by a cloudy but bright. Rare showers will fire near the Channel.

Thursday morning, except by the sea, it will be between 1 and -2 degrees. In the afternoon, temperatures reach 9-13 on the Mediterranean 7 to 11 near the ocean and south of the Garonne, 3-6 degrees in the rest of the country.

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