Tour de France 2018: Geraint Thomas Assures that his “Life is Totally Turned Upside Down”

Tour de France
Geraint Thomas still does not come down from his cloud after winning the Tour de France.

On a small cloud. Three days after winning the Tour de France, Britain’s Geraint Thomas is only beginning to realize the consequences of his sudden notoriety, claiming that his life is “totally turned upside down” by his success.

The 32-year-old Welsh is still a bit discreet and still does not come back from receiving a congratulatory video recorded by a singer, Elton John, two footballers, Thierry Henry and Gareth Bale, and a rugby player, Sam Warburton.

He watched it again and again in the taxi that brought him back to his hotel Sunday night, just after his consecration on the Champs-Elysees, he told the Daily Telegraph.

His life is “totally turned upside down,” he says, as his compatriot Bradley Wiggins, winner of the Tour in 2012, predicted. Even though, for the moment, he is not yet fully aware of the magnitude of the fallout from his victory. .

“Things happen one after the other,” says Thomas, still returned from having also received a phone call from Arsenal’s former coach, Arsene Wenger, who is one of the Gunners’ most fervent supporters.

“Maybe when I go home (to Monaco, ed), once I close the door and I sit on my couch, then I will realize what happens to me,” explained the Welsh.

” I do not know. I think I need to experience it to understand what it will look like, “ he added.

According to the British newspaper, Thomas has planned to return to Cardiff next Thursday, which could lead to a parade in the streets of the city.

” But do not worry. I am of a rather calm and relaxed nature, I will see how things will unfold. Anyway, I can not help but follow the movement, “ explained the cyclist.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Thomas is also about to sign a new contract with Sky, over several years, with a new salary revalued around four million euros annually.

Another tangible indication of the change in status of the Briton, who has long evolved in the shadow of Chris Froome: a photo posted Monday morning on his Instagram account, his wife and him tasting Welsh cakes, suddenly found in the headlines Of actuality.

“It was crazy: I put this on my Instagram and the next day, it is on the front page of all the newspapers! “ , Wonders sports. “It’s probably a prelude to everything that awaits me

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