Tour de France 2023: The Spectator Responsible for the Massive Fall in the Peloton has Been Identified

Tour de France
Tour de France 2023: The spectator responsible for the massive fall in the peloton has been identified

CYCLING: He will only be prosecuted if Sepp Kuss, hit first, files a complaint

Each Tour de France has its share of falls due to the unconsciousness of spectators present at the edge of the road. Sunday, during the 15th stage between Les Gets and Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc, many riders found themselves on the ground after the American of the Jumbo-Visma, Sepp Kuss, was hit by the arm of a person who was presumably trying to take a picture. As a result, about twenty riders were on the ground, and half of the peloton was immobilized.

According to Le Parisien, the gendarmes of Aviernoz, where the fall took place, opened an investigation and quickly identified the culprit. The Annecy prosecutor’s office has been informed and the follow-up given to this case now depends on Sepp Kuss. If he does not file a complaint, the accused person will not be prosecuted. Le Parisien specifies that ASO, the organiser of the Tour, has chosen not to take up the file.

If all the fallen riders were able to start again, this new episode reminds us how careful we must be when the runners pass. In the afternoon, the Tour de France Twitter account relayed this message from the Cofidis team: “Please be careful. So that the party remains a party for the riders, but also for you. You don’t need a cell phone to create mind-blowing memories.”

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