Speed Limit at 80 km/h: Radars Flashed Double the Normal in July

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Speed Limit at 80 km/h: Radars Flashed Double the Normal in July 1

In July 2018, compared to last year, the secondary road radars, which changed to 80 km/h at the beginning of the month, flashed twice as many motorists.

The number of motorists flashed on roads where the speed limit has been lowered to 80 km/h has doubled in one year, at the risk of reviving criticism against this government measure that came into effect just a month ago.

In total, more than 500,000 vehicles were flashed on the two-way secondary roads with no central divider (wall or metal barrier) affected by this regulation, which came into effect on the 1st July, an increase of 251,893 compared to July 2017, indicated Interdepartmental Delegate for Road Safety Emmanuel Barbe at AFP, confirming information from Europe 1 .

Foreign cars?

“We can without much hesitation attribute this increase to the passage to 80 km/h” which concerns 40% of the French road network, he continued, adding however that only 62% of the flashes had generated a contravention.

In detail, he explained, the number of vehicles registered abroad having been flashed was multiplied from July 2017 to July 2018 by 2.4, against only 2 for vehicles with a French license plate. “Changing habits by car is very long,” said Emmanuel Barbe.


But these figures could stir up the anger of opponents to the 80 km/h, who have mobilised since the announcement of this measure in January and have received the support of elected officials from all sides.

“We continue to wonder if the government has taken this step to reduce the number of deaths or to increase the revenue of the radars,” said AFP Valerie Louyot, coordinator of the national secretariat of the Federation of bikers angry. “Even if it does not give rise to a fine, it’s still repression and not training.”

In recent weeks, several petitions and petitions have been launched, without, however, bowing the government. Last week, the Judge of the State Council rejected the suspension of the decree establishing the 80 km / h, claimed by about fifty deputies, on the grounds that the emergency conditions were not established.

” Communication problems “

Favorable to this measure, the president of the League against road violence Chantal Perrichon regrets, however, this sharp rise in the number of flashed vehicles that she attributes to “a problem of communication” within the government.

At the initiative of this measure, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe had to face the reservations of Interior Minister Gérard Collomb, who had released his “joker” to refuse to say whether he was or was not favorable.

“There is a problem of communication with the Ministry of the Interior (…), a minister who is not very hot for the 80,” Ms Perrichon summarized on Europe 1 .

“We end up with a communication where it was said that there would be in the first months of pedagogy, training, awareness, except that to my knowledge the radar is not in pedagogy,” he said. she admitted.

Save 400 lives a year

According to the government , lowering the speed by 10 km / h will save up to 400 lives per year , thus reversing the long-term road mortality curve, which after reaching a record low in 2013 disturbing rebound between 2014 and 2016.

“The goal is not to annoy the world. The goal is to ensure that there are fewer deaths and fewer serious injuries, “said the Prime Minister before the move to 80 km / h.

Last year, road accidents killed 3,684 people and injured 76,840 in France.

France is now one of the European countries where speed limits on this type of lane are the most stringent.

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