Quimper: Shows for Children, until 11th August

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Activities for children in Quimper for August

In August, in Quimper, children are princes! Many activities, free for the vast majority, are offered: theatre, puppets, stories …

Wednesday 1st August 2018, the wind of Fulupiks give in Quimper , the starting signal for all shows and all the activities offered as part of the festival ‘s children are princes , and this until the 11th August.

The festival is now in its 4th  edition. “It seemed important to us to offer entertainment to children and at the same time make them discover the city, its heritage, its cultural and sporting wealth,” said Claire Levry-Gerard , assistant to tourism. The festival is held by Quimper Bretagne Occidentale in partnership with the tourist office.

More than 80 animations and activities are thus planned:

  • theater shows,
  • puppet shows,
  • circus workshops,
  • reading time,
  • short stories,
  • walking in the city,
  • music.

Malou Ravy , president of the tourist office, explains:

“We are fortunate to have many quality companies on our territory. It is thanks to them that the festival exists and that it is joyful.”

Children from 2 to 12 years old are particularly targeted. But this kind of entertainment can appeal to larger or even much larger as to toddlers.

In other municipalities

For this edition, the companies Sucre d’Orgue and Mr Jean and Mrs Jeanne will play the roles of Mrs and Mrs Loyal. “We will be there to make the link with the public, to guide him to the venues, remind him of some instructions for the holding of a show, all in a good mood, having fun,” says Loïc Toularastel , from the Sucre d’Orgue Company. 

The success of this now well established festival in the city (1 500 spectators the 1st year, 7300 people last year) led the organizers to extend it to other cities of QBO. To know LocronanPlogonnec and Landrévarzec . “We hope to be able to enrich and extend it,” says Claire Levry-Gérard. But our budget, which is 25,000 euros, does not allow for the moment. 

Practical information:
The 5 places of shows: Place Saint-Corentin, Place Terre-au-Duc, Jardin de l’Evêché, Jardin de la Retraite, Rue Treuz.
The program can also be found on: quimper.mobi

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