Commerce in Châteaubriant: Still a Few Days to Give your Opinion

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The traders of the Chato'Brillant association (here at their last meeting) are proposing a survey to find out the expectations of consumers regarding the downtown business of Châteaubriant.

On the initiative of the very young business association of Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique) a survey is proposed to all those interested in the development of the town center.

The 1st of July, the survey will close. Launched in May by the young tradesmen association Châto Brillant , a survey is currently circulating among traders in Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique ). It aims to guide the merchants of the association in the choice of their next events. It is also part of the operation being revitalized downtown.

Among the topics covered, the survey raises the question of the type of businesses expected by the inhabitants, the busy downtown area or the frequentation of businesses, raising for example the problem of parking.

Already ideas of animations

Many people have already answered questions posed without taboos by traders’ associations. Many of them played the game and distributed and collected the booklets. Already satisfied with the number of returns, annece Digard , one of the initiators of the operation, also calls: “if traders who have completed surveys were reporting to me as of 1st of July, it would save us precious time on the analysis of the results. ”

The summer will allow members of Châto Brillant to study the answers closely. With the key to large commercial operations planned. If nothing is decided yet, an animation around Halloween or Black Friday is already mentioned on the Facebook page of the association .

The survey is to be found at the merchants carrying the vignette Chato’Brillant, at the town hall, at the headquarters of the association Chato’Brillant at the agency 3C, 1 boulevard Victor Hugo in Chateaubriant (mail [email protected])

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