Roubaix: Crash Between Two Scooters, One of the Victims Between Life and Death

Local News
The firefighters, intervened on the spot, took care of one of the two victims of the accident, occurred the night of Sunday, June 24, 2018 in Roubaix

A traffic accident between two scooters caused two casualties, Sunday 24th June, 2018, shortly before 0.25am in Roubaix (Nord). One of the drivers is between life and death.

Lille metropolis – News. It is approximately 20 minutes past midnight on Sunday 24th June, 2018 when an accident occurred between two scooters, rue Montgolfier in Roubaix (North) . One of the drivers involved was seriously injured.

Red light

The police, intervening on the spot a few minutes after the accident, collected the testimony of two witnesses, who attended the whole scene.

“Witnesses testified that the first driver had passed a fixed red light, and had struck the second, which was coming the other way at the intersection of the lanes, “said a judicial source.”

No connection with the rodeos that are recurrent at this time in the city, according to the details of the police.

The first driver of two-wheeler, seriously wounded, was transported by the Samu to the CHR of Lille. The other victim – a 20-year-old man – was slightly injured. The latter was taken in charge by the firefighters, who transported him to the CH of Roubaix.

Monday, June 25, 2018 late morning, the vital prognosis of the first driver, whose identity is still unknown, is still engaged.

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