A Giant Bike in Blain for the Passage of the Tour de France

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A Giant bike is installed at Blain for the passage of the Tour de France

A giant bike was installed at the entrance of the town of Blain (Loire-Atlantique), on the occasion of the passage of the Tour de France on Tuesday 10th July, 2018.

Gerard Quirion, will enjoy the passage of the Tour de France cycling, on Tuesday 10th July, 2018 for the stage La Baule – Sarzeau, to give pride of place to his imagination and make Blain seen from the sky.

Indeed, Blain wanted to “do something” during the passage of the race. And it’s a regular of challenges a little crazy. Gérard Quirion is known for achieving with the committee of fair of the records like the biggest pyramid of macaron or the biggest pie, the biggest tourton …

For the Tour de France, it is a giant bike that Gerard built and put in a field at the entrance to Blain, on the Redon road. “In addition to this bike, with the party committee we will dispatcher a dozen bicycles on the course. “

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