300 Demonstrators in Saint-Nazaire, the Police Secured the Town Hall

Local News
300 Demonstrators in Saint-Nazaire in front of the Town Hall

On the sidelines of the march in the capital, the CGT met the rest of the troops outside the town hall. Under heightened police surveillance.

No way to get into the town hall. Faced with the threat of a new intrusion, launched last week by the CGT activists who were introduced to the mayor’s office, the police mobilized its staff to thwart any attempt. The rally this morning was therefore in total calm, but with a motivation reaffirmed the 300 people present, galvanized by the Secretary of the local Union, Cedric Turcas. The latter recalled: “the threat of a new 49-3 when the text of the Labour Law will return to the National Assembly, where the duty of everyone to continue our educational work with our colleagues, our families , friends and explain the consequences of this law ”

This morning about 500 militants including including members of the port, took buses and trains to the national event “that should be huge” announced Cédric Turcas.

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