Toulouse: A Risk of Thunderstorms and Hail Across the Region for the End of the Day

Local News
The risk of thunderstorms exists on the south of Toulouse for the end of the day on Sunday

Sunday 20th May, 2018, after a day that was largely sunny, Meteo France announced that thunderstorms could break out in Toulouse late afternoon

Sunday 20th May, the sun has shone brightly on Toulouse and its region. But already, the first clouds are heralding a slightly more mitigated evening. This may even spoil as Meteo France believes that the risk of thunderstorms and strong for the end of the day.

This risk is global. Thunderstorms should first hit the reliefs of the Pyrenees and then extend to the entire region, from the Haute-Pyrenees to Lozère.

Thunderstorms forecast for Toulouse and the region
Thunderstorms are expected for the end of the day on the south of Toulouse. So be careful. (© Screenshot Météo France)

Locally hail

After being very mild, temperatures should fall below the showers. Locally, these storms “may be accompanied by hail falls and intense downpours,” says Meteo France.

Already many thunderstorms Saturday

Saturday 19th May, the time had already turned to the storm as evidenced by this animation from the Weather Channel:

A strong trend for the week ahead

This trend should be confirmed next week as the days will be getting hotter and therefore more conducive to storms in the evenings.

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