Road Accident in Erbray: A Young Person in a Coma

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Road accident in Erbray has several injured including one in a coma

On the night of Friday 18 to Saturday 19 May 2018, a road accident left five people injured in Erbray (Loire-Atlantique).

On the night of Friday 18th to Saturday 19th May 2018, a road accident left five people injured in Erbray (Loire-Atlantique). A 17-year-old man was evacuated by helicopter to Nantes University Hospital before being placed in an artificial coma.

It is nearly 1:30am, this night from Friday 18th to Saturday, May 19th, 2018, when the rescue is called to Erbray (Loire-Atlantique), near the turning for Landelles. A collision between two cars took place at the junction of the D40 and D178, causing several injuries.

According to the first elements of the investigation, it seems that the driver of a Clio with five young persons from Chateaubriant aged between 17 to 21 years on board, did not sufficiently respect the stop, crossing the D178 when a another car was arriving, making the crash inevitable.

Five people in the hospital

The driver and three of her passengers were lightly touched and taken to the Chateaubriant Hospital. The fifth occupant of the 17-year-old car, on the other hand harder hit, had to be helicoptered to the University Hospital of Nantes, where he was placed in an artificial coma, probably to facilitate the administration of his care.

The driver of the second car was not injured.

No trace of alcohol or narcotics was detected by the gendarmerie, which nevertheless notes that none of the occupants of the first car seemed to be wearing their seatbelt during the crash.

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