Feast: the Grande Rubatée of the Summer in Lajoux Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th August

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The Grande Rubatée in Lajoux

Cross, games, meals, challenges, fireworks and conviviality are on the program of Lajoux’s popular summer party.

In Lajoux, the Grande Rubatée of the summer is a big popular festival. It will begin Saturday 11th August at 10 pm by the evening with DJ. The presentation of the national identity card is mandatory. Free admission until 11 pm

The next day, the runners will launch the day, with the green Rubatée cross at 10 am (see also sports pages). At the end of the morning, the aperitif offered by the Amicale sportive du Haut-Jura will punctuate the pedestrian race awards ceremony.

Then at 12 pm, it will be the country meal (chops, sausages, fries, pancakes …).

The stands will open from 14 pm with traditional games: toad, fakir, showdown, diabolical ladder, duck fishing … there will be for adults and children.

Ski, biathlon, bobsleigh … summer!

In red thread, it will be the sale of boxes for the loto-dung, with a little extra animation this year, since buyers who discover the identity of the personality who is hidden under the disguise of the cow, thanks to some clues, will be able to win free boxes. Surprise!

At 1.30pm, it will be “THE” great game in teams of two, under the theme of “The Rubalympik”.

Inspired by the Olympic Games, participants will have to take part in a ski race, then a biathlon event (where an original target will have to be shot down) with penalties in case of failure of course! Then place the bobsleigh on the pool, before the hockey to finish.

An entire program, which will delight the engaged as the public always very many, gathered around the pool “Olympic” of the day made with the complicity of the firefighters. It is advisable to bring a change of clothes.

And as the organizers point out, “registration for the big game is free.

The day will continue with the release of the cows on the giant lotto-dung grid, in the neighbouring field, to define the winning squares.

Music then, with Januarix at the turntables for the meal and the fireworks.

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