Nanterre: Students Vote for Unlimited Blocking of University

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Nanterre students vote for unlimited blocking of their university

Students from Nanterre gathered at a general assembly voted on Monday for the unlimited blocking of their university, a hotbed of protest against the reform of access to the university.

Nanterre students gathered in a general assembly voted Monday for the unlimited blocking of their university , high ground of the protest against the reform of access to the university.

While the partial period opened a little less than a week ago in Nanterre, about 700 students took part in the vote , much less than in previous GAs that had gathered nearly 1,700 people.

The general assembly also voted for the blocking of an exam scheduled in Arcueil (Val-de-Marne) on Friday.

Opposed to the law Orientation and student success

Paralyzed for three weeks, the University of Nanterre is one of the few institutions completely blocked for several weeks by opponents of the law Orientation and Student Success (ORE), accused of establishing a disguised selection system.

Friday, the faculty of Nanterre had noted the impossibility of organizing the partials on campus and decided to replace the final assessment with a homework assignment, even to relocate some partial to allow students to validate their semester.

Since Wednesday, no exams could be held in Nanterre, while they were supposed to take place from the 2nd May to the 18th May.  The next general meeting is scheduled for May 15th.

Early on Monday morning, a handful of anti-blocking students gathered to unlock the law building for a few hours, before striking students regained control.

Epicenter of the student protest of 1968, the university of Nanterre, welcomes nearly 32 000 students.

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