Weather in Lorient: Summer on Saturday, Spring on Sunday

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The weather will remain nice and Saturday and change on Sunday in Lorient

WEEKEND WEATHER:  Here are the forecasts for the weekend in and around Lorient. The weather is good this Saturday, but starts to change on Sunday

The weather is good in and around  Lorient this Saturday, but it starts to change tomorrow, when temperatures will return to normal for the season.

The anticyclone folds to the south, allowing the return of a cool Atlantic air mass.


Beautiful morning with a generous sun embellished with high altitude sails. Generous sunshine, fine sails of high altitude and summer sensations at midday.

In the afternoon, the sun, omnipresent beaches in the country of Plouay with rare high-altitude sails, generates a beautiful summer sensation. Formation of cumulus stormy aspect in the afternoon on the north-east of Morbihan.

Very light wind to weak east in the morning turning southeast to weak in the afternoon and then south to east in the afternoon. From Kerroc’h to Guidel-Plages: beautiful sea. Min: 11 / 12 degrees; max: 22 / 23 degrees; (from 10 / 11 degrees to 23 / 24 degrees in the countryside). Clear sky with very nice evening; from 20 degrees at 8pm and 16 degrees at midnight.


Beautiful and mild morning despite the presence of high altitude sails thickening over the hours. Veiled sky at midday with a soft, apparent sun.

In the afternoon, the veiled sky is getting rained from the mid-altitude ocean of cumulus becoming more numerous at the end of the afternoon and generating rare scattered ripples in the late afternoon.

Very light wind from southwest in the morning, moving to weak west in the afternoon, causing a slight gradual cooling. From Kerroc’h to Guidel-Plages: beautiful sea. Min: 10 / 11 degrees; max: 17 / 18 degrees (from 9 / 10 degrees to 18 / 19 degrees in the countryside). Veiled and cloudy skies in the evening; 16 degrees at 8pm, 13 degrees at midnight.

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