Day of protest: 1,200 People Demonstrate in Cherbourg

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Day of Protest in Cherbourg with 1200 people demonstrating

The protest movement continues. Thursday, April 19, nearly 1,200 demonstrators, including railway workers currently on strike, marched through the streets of Cherbourg.

The protesters, responding to the call of the CGT, the FSU, Sud Solidaire and UNLSD , found themselves Thursday morning in front of the town hall of Cherbourg .

As usual, Pascal Besuelle warmed the crowd:

“If we win, the entire public service wins. “

More determined than ever

Lucas Picot, on behalf of students on strike, takes over.

“We are more determined than ever. We are here to build something. But know also that we will do nothing without unity or solidarity. Nothing goes wrong in this policy. The only possible response is the social struggle. “


Speaking on behalf of the other unions, Nathalie Bazire has only to push the point.

“This government responds to the demands of the Medef and is about to question our model of society. The companies keep a larger share of their profits to the detriment of wages, whereas they should be reinvested in the business and worker training. “

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