Charente: At Esse, a Lorry Hits a Tree, The Driver Injured

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A lorry hits a tree at Esse in the Charente

ROAD ACCIDENT: At Lunchtime, in Esse in the Charente, a lorry hits a tree.  The driver was only slightly injured …

It was around 12.40pm this Monday when the Confolens firefighters were called on an accident occurred in the town of Esse, at a place called Perissac. A 19 Ton Mercedes from a rendering company was the only one involved.

The driver apparently hit the shoulder in his direction of travel and ended his run against a tree on the left side of the road, only a few meters from the village of Esse in the Charente.

It took almost an hour for firefighters to extricate his cabin. The Smur and Confolens gendarmerie were on site. Slightly injured, the driver of the truck was transferred to the hospital Confolens by firefighters.

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