Strike at SNCF, Thursday: 40% of the TGV, 25% of Intercités and 50% of TER Insured

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The strike at SNCF on Thursday will result in the circulation of 40% of TGVs, 25% of Intercités and 50% of TER, while 30% of trains in Ile-de-France will be insured

The strike at SNCF scheduled for Thursday 22nd March will result in the removal of many trains: less than one TGV and TER out of two, and Intercity out of four will be insured.

The strike on Thursday at the SNCF will result in the circulation of 40% of TGVs, 25% of Intercités and 50% of TER, while 30% of trains in Ile-de-France will be insured, said Wednesday the boss of the public company, Guillaume Pepy.

“We will do everything to accompany our travellers, we will close the headquarters of the company in the regions and at the national level so that the maximum possible personnel are alongside the travellers” affected by this social movement, promised Mr. Pepy in RTL microphone.

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