New rail transport plan by SNCF after coronavirus crisis

Deconfinement: The SNCF and the Regions want you to Take the TER this Summer with 2 Million Tickets from 1 to 10 Euros

RAIL TRANSPORT: A way to revive rail transport, hit hard by the coronavirus crisis “We will make you prefer the train”. This well-known SNCF slogan is being brought up to date, the sector having been hit hard by the coronavirus crisis. Associated with the eleven regions which manage regional rail transport, the railway company launches the ”  TER de France” operation, a story of “restoring […]

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Pays-de-la-Loire: From Friday, all TER and coach seats can be occupied

Pays de la Loire: From Friday, all TER and Coach Seats can be Occupied

TRANSPORT: The regional council decided, in agreement with the prefect, to lift the capacity restrictions concerning public transport on the Aléop network Since the start of the coronavirus crisis, the TER and coaches of Pays-de-la-Loire ( Aléop network ) had to contend with capacity restrictions: one seat out of two was neutralized to promote sanitary distance between travellers. This rule will be lifted […]

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SNCF announce no TER trains between Bordeaux and Angouleme due to work on both tracks

SNCF: No TER Between Bordeaux and Angouleme this Weekend

TRAVEL: SNCF has announced that due to work on both tracks, there will be no TER trains between Bordeaux and Angouleme over the weekend Due to work on both tracks in Montmoreau station,TER rail traffic will be interrupted between Bordeaux and Angouleme. And this, from this Saturday, at 1 am, until Monday 11th November, at 9 […]

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In Gironde, two children arrested, suspected of putting concrete slabs on the railway

Gironde: Two Children Suspected of Laying Concrete Slabs on the Railway

The TER Bordeaux-Libourne (Gironde) crashed into a concrete slab on the rails on Wednesday night. Two children, suspected of having committed this malicious act, were arrested. Wednesday 8th August, around 7pm, a TER Bordeaux-Libourne train that ran in the town of Ambarès-et-Lagrave (Gironde)  hit a concrete plate on the rails . The driver reacts immediately and manages to brake without damage. The train did not […]

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One-euro notes will be generalized on all Occitanie lines as of July 2018.

SNCF: On Euro Train Tickets will be Generalised on all Occitanie Lines

Friday, March 23, 2018, the Occitanie Region voted the new TER agreement negotiated with the SNCF which will apply in July. With a generalisation of the tickets to one euro. Friday, March 23, 2018, the Regional Council, during its plenary session held at the Parc des Expositions of Montpellier (Herault) , was focused on a major topic for […]

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The strike at SNCF on Thursday will result in the circulation of 40% of TGVs, 25% of Intercités and 50% of TER, while 30% of trains in Ile-de-France will be insured

Strike at SNCF, Thursday: 40% of the TGV, 25% of Intercités and 50% of TER Insured

The strike at SNCF scheduled for Thursday 22nd March will result in the removal of many trains: less than one TGV and TER out of two, and Intercity out of four will be insured. The strike on Thursday at the SNCF will result in the circulation of 40% of TGVs, 25% of Intercités and 50% of TER, while 30% […]

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A report to the government on SNCF, mentions the end of the status of railway workers at hiring.

SNCF: Spinetta Report Calls for End of Railway Worker’s Status

Jean-Cyril Spinetta’s SNCF report to the government on Thursday morning suggests ending the railway workers’ special status. A stripping report submitted Thursday, February 15 to Prime Minister Edouard Philippe advocates deep reforms of the SNCF , in particular a transformation into a public limited company and the end of the status of railway employee . Ordered to the former president […]

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TER Rail traffic was disrupted between Laval and Brittany

TER Rail Traffic Disrupted between Laval and Brittany after an Accident

One person was hit by a train on the railway line between Paris and Brittany, on Friday morning shortly after 7am. The train traffic was disrupted. The TER was interrupted due to the emergency services. The traffic of regional express trains (TER) was interrupted for about three hours, between Laval and Vitre, after a TGV Paris-Montparnasse […]

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Strike action at SNCF will cause ditruptions to scheduled rail services in the Pays de la Loire

SNCF: Distruptions in the Pays de la Loire this Monday

Due to a strike, disruptions are expected in rail traffic tomorrow, Monday 2nd January. All of the Pays de la Loire region is affected … Two unions (CGT and Sud Rail) filed a notice of strike action, on the organization of drivers’ work. Distruptions  are waiting for Monday 2nd January. TER  : on average, seven TER out […]

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