Normandy: A Car in the Ditch near Thuit

Local News
Renault Twingo came to rest on its side in the ditch this Wednesday, January 10, 2018, close to Thuit.

ROAD ACCIDENT: A driver came off the road this Wednesday 10th January, 2018 shortly before 8 am, while travelling on the main road near Thuit in Normandy

A traffic accident involving one vehicle occurred this Wednesday 10th January, 2018 just before 8am on the departmental road 126 between Le Thuit and Val-Saint-Martin (hamlet Andelys).

In the ditch

The driver, who was travelling in the direction Le Thuit – Les Andelys, lost control of her Renault Twingo approaching the turn. The car ended up on its side in the ditch.

The 36 year old had managed to extract herself from the vehicle. The victim was then check over by paramedics from the firefighters before being transported to hospital in Vernon. She was suffering from wrist pain.

Slippery road

The young woman, who lives in Le Thuit, perfectly knew the road. But she was probably surprised by the slippery conditions.

Her husband, who visited the scene of the accident, confided:

“She left the house to go to work. I thank the two people who stopped and waited for help to arrive with my wife.”

The gendarmes controlled the traffic for the period of time so that the vehicle is removed safely.

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