Nantes: Twenty People Evacuated After a Gas Explosion

Local News
The explosion occurred shortly before 1 pm Saturday at number 4 of the Blaise Pascal Street in Nantes.

A gas explosion occurred in an apartment of the Blaise Pascal Street, north of Nantes, this Saturday at 1 pm. Tenants were able to return home in the night but the blast caused damage in several apartments. A resident allegedly attempted to end his life.

Shortly before 1 pm, tenants of a building located at number 4 of the Blaise Pascal Street, in the district of La Boissiere in Nantes, heard a large explosion. Firefighters rescued a woman of 37 years, burned legs. Police said the victim had tried to end his days in his living room causing a fire, and opening the gas. This is the gas flowing through a ventilation duct that would have exploded.

Twenty people, occupying the fifteen apartments in the building were quickly evacuated. Everyone was able to go home about two hours later, with the endorsement of firefighters. A representative of Nantes housing, social housing, could see firsthand the damage. The building was shaking. Cracks have appeared on a wall, different floors of the building

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