The French Car Market up 4.7% in 2017

Sales in the French Car Market increased by 4.7 percent

With 2.11 million passenger cars registered in 2017 in France, the French car market posted good health

The French car market for passenger cars has seen a solid increase of 4.74% in 2017 despite a slight slowdown of 0.51% in December, announced Monday the French Automobile Manufacturers (CCFA).

For the full year, about 2.11 million passenger cars were registered, reflecting the health of the French market well above the symbolic 2 million mark.

A slightly larger increase expected

The French car market and was up slightly better than expected French manufacturers who had forecast an improvement of 3 to 4% for the full year.

On December alone, the French groups have generally increased 4.9%, despite two working days less than the same month in 2016, where foreign brands fell 5.9%, according raw and provisional data released by the CCFA.

With registrations up 15.57% in December, PSA (Peugeot, Citroën DS) rose sharply, benefiting as in previous months of arrival in her lap since August figures for its subsidiary Opel , previously owned General Motors. The German brand for the lightning has brought the French group nearly 5,400 additional cars in December.

Not withstanding this consolidation effect, PSA was supported by the Lion brand, whose share of registrations grew at a rate of 6.59%, which helped offset a decline at Citroen (-2.34%) and the young brand DS (-0.26%), the high-end aspirations but lack of new models

For the full year, PSA sign an increase of 10.31%.

Also on the French side, the group Renault has he seen sales crumble from 4.05% in December, held back by the diamond brand (-7.73%) while sales of Dacia , they have jumped 12 18% on the same month. In 2017, the Renault group reported a rise of 3.08%.

As for foreign manufacturers

In terms of foreign manufacturers, the group Volkswagen , juggernaut to twelve brands (VW, Seat, Audi, etc.) and leading importer in France, gained 4.29% in December.

Toyota for its part, registered a decline of 1.58% and the other major Japanese manufacturer Nissan a drop of 23.58%.

Other general, Ford was down 1.15% and Fiat-Chrysler (FCA) of 5.57%, while GM can no longer rely on Opel, is almost scratched counters.

The German premium brands have evolved piecemeal: the group BMW , with its subsidiary Mini , was up 14.12%, while Daimler, which brings together the brands Mercedes and Smart , was down 4.11%.

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