Hénon: A Biker Seriously Injured in a Collision

Local News
At Hénon, a biker seriously injured in a collision

ROAD ACCIDENT: This Sunday 16th  June, at 4.45 pm, a collision occurred between a motorcycle and a pickup truck in Hénon (Côtes-d’Armor). The 26-year-old rider is seriously injured.

The Côtes-d’Armor firefighters were called at 4:45 pm this Sunday for a collision between a motorcycle and a van, at a place called Le Montier in Hénon, about twenty kilometres from Saint-Brieuc.

Seriously injured, the 26-year-old rider was taken in charge by the firefighters and the Samu 22 team came by helicopter. The wounded was transported by a helicopter to hospital. At 5.45 pm,emergency services were still on the scene, with no further information available on the condition of the biker, except that he was in a serious condition.


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