Nearly 700 yellow vests protesters in Dole

Dole: Nearly 700 Yellow Vests in the Streets

Between 500 and 700 yellow vests, according to sources, walked in the streets of Dole, Saturday 19th January, 2019, from the Avenue de Lahr. The Yellow Jackets demobilised? Obviously not to Dole … Saturday 19th January, 2019 , for the act 10 of their mobilisation, they were between 500 and 700 , according to the sources, to have made rendezvous at the […]

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The Grande Rubatée in Lajoux

Feast: the Grande Rubatée of the Summer in Lajoux Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th August

Cross, games, meals, challenges, fireworks and conviviality are on the program of Lajoux’s popular summer party. In Lajoux, the Grande Rubatée of the summer is a big popular festival. It will begin Saturday 11th August at 10 pm by the evening with DJ. The presentation of the national identity card is mandatory. Free admission until 11 pm The […]

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A young man in Dijon has died of meningitis

Dijon: A Young Man of 23 Years Died of Meningitis

A young man of 23 years died Friday, December 29 at the University Hospital of Dijon a devastating meningitis.According to ARS, it is an isolated case. A young man aged 23 years, residing in Chenove (Côte d’Or), died at the University Hospital of Dijon Friday, December 29. There had been admitted in the day, suffering from invasive […]

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48 departments are on Orange alert for Storm Eleanor

Weather: Storm Eleanor, 48 Departments Placed on Orange Alert

After the passage of the storm Carmen on the 1st January 2018, a new gust of wind is expected in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. 48 departments were placed on orange alert. After the visit to France of the Carmen storm  on Monday 1st January 2018, New gales, from storm Eleanor are expected until the weekend. 48 departments, […]

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The burnt body in Gray, Haute-Saône is of jogger Alexia Davel

Haute-Saône: The Burnt Body Found is that of Alexia Daval, Appeal Launched for Witnesses

The burned body found in a wood near Gray, in Haute-Saône is of Alexia Daval, 29, announced Wednesday the prosecutor of Vesoul. The burned body found in a woods near Gray in the Haute-Saône is of Alexia Daval, 29, said Wednesday the prosecutor of Vesoul. “The findings made of the body, at the scene, for criminal identification technicians […]

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The names of the new merged french regions has been announced

The Name of New Major French Regions Formalized

The name of the new seven major regions, from the territorial reform which reduced the number of metropolitan areas, is endorsed on Thursday in the Official Journal. The number of metropolitan areas is reduced from 21 to 12, through the merger of some of them. The region “Grand Est” (capital Strasbourg) and refers to the […]

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