Controle Technique: Towards New Stricter Car Controls, Longer and Probably More Expensive

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Change coming to the Controle Technique, CT Test from 20 May

AUTOMOTIVE: The Controle Technique, ot CT test as it more commonly known, is to undergo a change and will be more picky from the 20th May  …

  • The number of checkpoints for vehicles will increase.

  • The controllers will determine the severity of failures.

  • Troubleshooting “critical”, the vehicle will no longer circulate.

Early this year, the phone rings a lot in the bodies of technical inspection. And motorists are likely to demand a date for the month of April. History avoid the new version of the control that will enter into force on 20th  May. Under the leadership of Europe, France is indeed tighten control of all vehicles. This is what possibly awaits you …

  • The control will be more picky

Today, the specialist checks 123 specific points on your car. There will be at least 8 more to observe from 20 May. And maybe more. “Discussions are ongoing in this regard, said the National Council of automotive professionals (NFPC). At the last meeting, on 30th December, three new checkpoints have been added to the list. ”

  • Results: favourable, unfavourable or critical

The big revolution to come included in the test results. So far, the test centre can give a favuorable or unfavourable opinion. In the first case, no problem. In the second, the driver has two months to make the necessary repairs and then make a second visit.

But from the 20th May, the test centres will also issue an opinion “critical” if they observe such lack of brake fluid, floor or improper wheel attachment. Drivers also have a period of two months to do the work and make a visit for a retest, except that the owner can no longer move with the offending vehicle. “He will then have permission to drive for 24 hours to get home after the check but, beyond this period, it can move only to go to the garage to do the work”  indicates the NFPC.

  • Technical inspection will be longer and probably more expensive

The rising number of things to check is bound to lengthen the Controle Technique, predicts the NFPC. What could therefore increase the final bill (65 euros on average at present). Especially as for working in an authorised test centre, the authorities now require the Mechanics will have to have a baccalaureate whereas a present a BEP or CEP is sufficient enough.

The penalty for failure, it should not change. It is set at 135 euros. With this directive passed it four years ago, Europe wants to improve road safety. An estimated 5 deaths per day on roads throughout the EU due to mechanical failures. In France, 25 million technical inspections are carried out every year.


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