Safety of beaches and the wild coast: what's new in Batz-sur-Mer

Safety of Beaches and the Wild Coast: What’s New in Batz-sur-Mer

Every summer, the safety of the beaches of La Govelle and Valentin, in Batz-sur-Mer (Loire-Atlantique), is entrusted to the lifeguards of the SNSM within the framework of an annual convention. In order for the season to run as smoothly as possible, several rules have been renewed or adapted to ensure the safety of summer visitors and […]

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Other "significant" cracks discovered in two nuclear reactors

Nuclear: Other “Significant” Cracks Discovered in Two Reactors

SAFETY CONCERNS: EDF has detected another defect due to a phenomenon known as thermal fatigue on a weld of an emergency pipe in two reactors After the discovery of a crack in Penly 1, disappointments follow. EDF detected on Thursday another “significant” defect due to a phenomenon known as thermal fatigue on a weld of an emergency pipe […]

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Prolonged shutdowns at Nuclear power stations in France after safety concerns

Nuclear: Prolonged Shutdowns on Other Sites after the Discovery of a Crack in Penly

POWER STATIONS: ASN is asking for more checks, which will lengthen the duration of shutdowns at certain Nuclear power station sites We press pause. A larger-than-expected crack has been detected by EDF at Penly 1 on an emergency pipe used to flood the reactor with water in the event of a nuclear accident. This will lead to the extension of […]

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The Safety Authority summons EDF to "revise its strategy" after the discovery of a crack in Penly

Nuclear: The Safety Authority Summons EDF to “Revise its Strategy” after the Discovery of a Crack in Penly

SAFETY BREACHES: ASN asks EDF to react following the discovery of a crack in the Penly Nuclear power station  The Nuclear Safety Authority has ordered EDF to “revise its strategy” when a major crack was discovered on a weld in an emergency circuit of a shutdown reactor, Penly 1, in Seine-Maritime. EDF mentions a “significant stress corrosion defect” on an emergency pipe […]

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600 checks but "no major incident" at the Christmas market in Strasbourg

Strasbourg: 600 Checks but “No Major Incident” at the Christmas Market

SAFETY: Josiane Chevalier, prefect of Bas-Rhin, gave an initial assessment on Thursday of the security measures put in place at the Strasbourg Christmas market 2022 Even if the security system put in place this year on the Strasbourg Christmas market managed to remain discreet, without giving the worrying impression of a fortified place, it was nonetheless […]

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Germany, Italy and Spain suspend the use of the AstraZeneca Coronavirus Covid-19 Vaccine

Coronavirus: Germany, Italy and Spain in Turn Suspend Vaccination with AstraZeneca

VACCINE: Like many European countries, Germany has suspended the coronavirus Covid-19 vaccination with AstraZeneca, suspected of producing dangerous side effects Germany, Italy and Spain suspended vaccination with AstraZeneca against the coronavirus on Monday, as did France on the same day, i.e. the four largest European countries. AstraZeneca’s vaccine was one of four vaccines authorized for administration in France to fight the Covid-19 […]

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Six cases of serious adverse reactions after Covid-19 vaccine

COVID-19: Six Cases of Serious Adverse Effects Identified in France after Pfizer-BioNtech Vaccine

Among these consequences are four allergic reactions and two cases of tachycardia, the National Drug Safety Agency communicated on Thursday. Six cases of serious adverse reactions have been identified in France after an injection of the Covid-19 vaccine from Pfizer-BioNTech, the National Medicines Safety Agency (ANSM) said on Thursday in a press release. Among these […]

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Carrefour recalls basmati rice due to the presence of a toxin

Carrefour: The Store Recalls Basmati Rice Due to the Presence of a Toxin

SAFETY: Only large amounts of ochratoxin A can cause health problems, according to Carrefour, which is recalling the basmati rice as a precaution Customers of Carrefour hypermarkets, this reminder concerns you. The French retail group has indeed recalled basmati rice from the Carrefour brand, in a press release dated Friday 8th January, reports Capital. The Italian company Curti, which packages the product, indicated the presence of ochratoxin […]

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Amazon can only deliver essential items only

No More Books and Appliances, Amazon can only Deliver Essentials

Tuesday 14th April 2020, the court of Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine) condemned Amazon for not having respected the sanitary measures in its warehouses to face the coronavirus. Victory (partial) for Amazon employees. Brought to justice because of the opening of its warehouses in France without respecting the sanitary measures imposed against the coronavirus, the online commerce giant was condemned Tuesday 14th April […]

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A Mazda 3 (illustration)

Mazda: A Bug Discovered on the Automatic Braking System, the Brand Recalls more than 35,000 Cars

DANGER: On certain Mazda vehicles, the automatic emergency braking system detects non-existent obstacles and suddenly stops the car Mazda announced on Thursday that it had alerted the American authorities of a braking system defect on certain copies of the 2019 and 2020 versions of the Mazda 3. The Japanese manufacturer sent an official malfunction notification and organized the recall of all […]

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