Combourg: The Aquatic Centre will Open in Spring 2019

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New aquatic centre for Combourg in 2019

The first stone of the aquatic center Combourg was officially laid. However, it will wait until spring 2019 to take advantage of the structure in its entirety.

The new aquatic center of the small town character of open Combourg (Ille-et-Vilaine) in full to the public in spring 2019. Andrew Lefeuvre, president of the community of romantic Brittany common (ACRO) supporting the project, asked symbolically Tuesday 19 December, the foundation stone of this achievement.

Buoyed by the Community of Communes

Built in 1967 and renovated in 1994, the pool is spent in the lap of CCBR in 2013 which provides for management. “After a needs assessment and the proposed equipment” in 2015, politicians speak out positively for the construction of a new aquatic center. “This is the heaviest investment of this parliamentary term, we have a public-private partnership,” stated in the preamble of the ceremony of laying the first stone, the president of ACRO, Andrew Lefeuvre.

An ambitious project

The project “meets the academic growth to the economic vitality of Combourg and romantic Brittany. Ideally located at the crossroads Saint-Malo, Dinan and Rennes, he enters a spatial development logic, “says Andrew Lefeuvre. This public service “that we offer to the population seeks the ability to swim from the age of six years and why not to nurture new skills and new sports talents,” said Michael Vannier, vice president in charge of facilities and sports activities.

Lined swimming area

The new equipment will double the swimming area , which will increase from 1068 m² to 2232 m² with an outdoor pool of 312 m². The first phase of the work will be completed and made available to the public in November 2018. It has a pool of 25 metersto five lanes, a wading pool of 33 m², a training pool and game and a wellness area ( sauna, steam room and jacuzzi).

Follow a second phase addressing the demolition of the current pool which mutate in Nordic basin (25 m long five lanes). Will add a waterslide three tracks and a solarium.

This phasing keeps continuous practice water activities.

15 million over 20 years

“Some have criticized us an inexpensive side of this achievement, but it responds to a vision. We made an investment in 30 to 40 years, “insisted Andrew Lefeuvre.

The total investment is € 15 million over 20 years, € 9 million for construction, 6 M € for maintenance, major repairs and equipment management costs. Two grants were received € 1.9 million from the County Council and € 645,000 in the Region.

Tube ‘witness’

The project partners have signed in turn a charter that was then placed in a sealed tube embedded in the concrete, “a testimony for future generations. “

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