Vendée: She Put 2.50 Euros in and Won 376,000 Euros on a Slot Machine

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Seventy year old won 379000 euros at casino in Vendée

LUCK:  A 73 year old won the jackpot on Tuesday at a casino in Vendée. She had dreamed the night before! …

Dream afternoon on Tuesday for a seventy year old from Vendée. This regular at the casino of Saint-Gilles-Croix-de- Vie often plays on the slot machine. She put a sum of 2.50 euros and, surprise, the machine stops and displays the jackpot: 376,499.11 euros!  It had been several years that she had not won in the casino at Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-vie, says the director, delighted, quoted by France Bleu Loire Océan .

It changes its program after a premonitory dream

The lucky woman, aged 73, has struggled to achieve. “I saw the figures marching at breakneck speed, I thought this is not possible. I will please the grandchildren over the holiday season! “She told France Bleu.

The most incredible is that the seventy year old was going to attend an afternoon dance. But the night before, she says she dreamed she would win the jackpot. She then changed her schedule to see what would happen at the casino … This is what is called having a good luck.

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